Santa Cruz Bronson Cc X01+ Reserve Review

Santa Cruz Bronson CC X01+ Reserve review

Santa Cruz has given the 150mm-travel Bronson an almost identical shape to the 170mm Nomad but added playful pop to make it fantastic fun. Wheel choice makes a big difference to its overall character though. How to set up your mountain bike suspension: video guides to help you get the most from your bike The ultimate guide to mountain bike rear suspension systems Santa Cruz Bronson CC X01+ Reserve frame While the Bronson shares design DNA with the Nomad, the upper link of the ‘VPP’ suspension pivots further back on the top tube, and the swingarm is fully triangulated on both sides. A split seat tube base allows the shock to be driven directly by the lower link and kept low and central in the frame. The Bronson has a steeper head (+0.5 degrees) and seat angle (+1.5 degrees) than the Nomad, but an identical reach and wheelbase (460mm/1,215mm, large), ...

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