Rotor 2inpower Mtb Power Meter Review

Rotor 2INpower MTB power meter review

If you’re reading this review you probably already know what a power meter is, and how temperamental they can be. In fact, type in the name of almost any brand's power meter online and you’ll find horror stories from riders who’ve either broken them or had issues with accuracy and reliability. So, when it comes to reviewing a power meter, any tester wants to spend a long time using the product before making a final judgment. Having spent almost 200hrs riding Rotor’s new 2INpower mountain bike power meter I feel I’ve done just that and will hopefully be able to give you a thorough overview of its performance. 5 reasons to buy a power meter Garmin Vector 3 power meter review In an ideal world I would have liked to have ridden it for a full year (about 530 hours of riding for me) but you can’t have everything, and ...

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