Rissveds: Two Years Ago, I Didn't Want To Be Alive

Jenny Rissveds

After a two-year absence from cycling to focus on her mental health, Jenny Rissveds has made a remarkable comeback with a victory at the MTB World Cup in Lenzerheide . The Olympic champion returned to competition this spring with her new outfit Team 31 named after the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights article 31 that promotes child rights. "Two years ago, I didn't want to be alive. I just want to say that it is possible," Rissveds said in a post-race interview with the UCI after winning the series round ahead of Anne Terpstra and Pauline Ferrand-Prévot, who also made a return to the sport after recovering from double Iliac artery surgery . "Never give up. Like Pauline said last week when she won her first World Cup in a very long time, 'never give up,' and I just want to say 'never give up.' Never. "In Swedish, ...

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