Riding In The Zone Rouge, By Tom Isitt

Title: Riding in the Zone Rouge – The Tour of the Battlefields 1919 – Cycling’s Toughest-Ever Stage Race Author: Tom Isitt Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicholson Year: 2019 Pages: 302 Order: Orion Books What it is: A three-part account of the 1919 Circuit des Champs de Bataille with the author shadow-riding the route nearly a century on and telling the story of the race, both through a ‘straight’ historical telling and an imagined narrative that turns to fiction to get inside the heads of those involved Strengths: Like Tim Moore’s Gironimo! - in which he shadow-rode the route of the 1914 Giro d’Italia – Isitt here neatly balances a travelogue with fascinating research into a forgotten race Weaknesses: Some readers coming for the travelogue will be bothered by the history, some coming for the history will be bothered by the travelogue. It’s called the zone rouge , those parts of northern ...

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