Rick Vosper: Cycling Is The Antidote To Childhood Obesity

By Rick Vosper Let's Look at the Numbers The National Sporting Goods Administration (NSGA) defines frequent cyclists as people aged seven and up taking six or more rides per year. The NSGA data shows those numbers dropped 17 percent between 2000 and 2017, a loss of 6.8 million cyclists. But it gets worse. Here's a chart I've used before, updated through 2017. While active adult cyclists (blue line) have held more or less steady since 2000 (in fact 2017 shows an encouraging net increase of not quite 7 percent versus the 18-year average), the number of kids riding bikes six or more times per year (orange line) has dropped more than 40%. On a per capita basis, the percentage of kids lost grows to more than half. While we gained 700 thousand adult cyclists since 2000, in the same time we've lost seven and a half million children and teens. ...

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