Quick Fix Tips For Replacing The Cable On An Internally Routed Fox Transfer Dropper Post

Quick fix tips for replacing the cable on an internally routed Fox Transfer dropper post

If the cable on your internally routed dropper post is frayed or sticky, it’s definitely time you replaced it. Here are seven straightforward steps to help you do just that. How to service BB30 & BB86/92 press-fit bottom brackets How to bed in new disc brake pads in 8 easy steps Step 1. Prepare to remove First, cut off the cable crimp behind the remote lever. Loosen the pinch bolt two full turns. Mark the seatpost with tape just above the seat collar so you can reinstall it at the correct height. Step 2. Expose the cable Loosen any fasteners securing the cable to the frame. Slide the post out of the seat tube, while guiding the outer cable through the frame’s routing port. Stop when a couple of inches of outer cable are exposed above the seat clamp. Step 3. Remove the inner cable Step 4. Place the inner ...

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