Quick Fix Tips For Repairing A Broken Chain

Quick fix tips for repairing a broken chain

If you've snapped a chain or your chain is jumping, follow our steps below for replacing the affected chain link. How to fix a stiff chain link Quick fix tips for replacing a snapped spoke You'll need (depending on chain): Chain hanger/bent spoke Chain tool New chain link Step 1 If your chain has snapped, it’ll be pretty obvious where the broken link is. If it’s just skipping, you’ll need to identify the damaged link. Back-pedal the cranks and when the offending link passes over the rear mech’s jockey wheels the chain will jump. Step 2 Modern SRAM mechs have a ‘Cage Lock’ to take the tension out of the chain. On other mechs, you’ll need to use a chain hanger/bent spoke to hold the chain ends together, with some overlap (switch the clutch off first on Shimano Shadow Plus mechs). Step 3a Step 3b Step 4a Step 4b Step ...

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