Q&A: Paul Fournel

Trevor Ward 11 Dec 2018 Cyclist talks to the French poet, diplomat and author of the award-winning biography Anquetil, Alone This article first appeared in Issue 77 of Cyclist magazine Cyclist: Why does Anquetil’s life continue to fascinate cycling fans? Paul Fournel: His life was more than a soap opera. He was born into a very poor family but he was so gifted on the bike that he became rich, famous and strange! By strange, I mean he didn’t live by the rules of the peloton. He was the first one to talk about money, the first one to talk about doping. He didn’t race to win medals, he was a businessman, which was very new at the time. As for his riding style, you could identify him immediately on the bike. Today when you see the peloton, all the guys look more or less the same, they all have ...

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