Peugeot Makes A Comeback, A New Basso Gravel Bike, A Nifty Folder And More

Peugeot makes a comeback, a new Basso gravel bike, a nifty folder and more

I’ve been at the second edition of Sea Otter Europe this weekend and my early impressions suggest it is much like its legendary Californian counterpart, but with more ankle socks and dodgy washed-out kit from Euro teams you’ve probably never heard of. As well as gawping at the very worst crimes against cycling fashion, I’ve been taking in the most interesting tech on show at this year’s event. From a reboot of a brand we’ve not seen in the world of cycling for some time to Italian carbon niche-ness, there’s been plenty of stuff to see. The weird and wonderful of Sea Otter 2018 All the gravel goods from Sea Otter 2018 Peugeot M01FS enduro bike I was more than a little surprised to see this enduro bike from Peugeot, a marque that has all but disappeared from the cycling world in recent years. For the time being, Peugeot’s bikes ...

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