Pelotan Sunscreen Review

Stu Bowers Tuesday, September 4, 2018 - 15:19 A sunscreen made by cyclists, for cyclists. The Pelotan sunscreen has become a staple for our kit bag 5.0 / 5 £20 I wouldn’t usually feel the need to write a review of something as generic as a sunscreen, but once I’d tried Pelotan - a product specifically developed for cyclists - I felt inclined to give the start-up brand some kudos. Why? Well, frankly, because I’m a sucker for really well-considered products. The guys behind Pelotan are obviously bike riders themselves, clearly taking account of the demands of the sport and the circumstances under which we will use the product, and duly delivered something that ticks all the boxes. No excuses I am slightly ashamed to admit I would often go riding without sunscreen, not because of any vain notions of coming back with bronzed sun-kissed skin (I am ginger and ...

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