Paris-Nice Stage 7: A Season In A Day

Paris-Nice Stage 7: A season in a day

Jack Elton-Walters 14 Mar 2020 Analysis: What looks set to be the last race for quite some time gave the audience plenty of reasons to watch In the face of a global pandemic and the growing death rate across Europe, the cancellation of sport seems - and is - of much lesser importance. But then the disruption of society and the normal way of life for the majority of people is often the bigger impact of outbreaks like the current coronavirus situation . Sport brings joy and faux-misery in equal measure, plus often much-wanted distraction, and at times like these distraction is just what we need. Across the Continent, borders are closing and all major gatherings have been banned. In Britain, the govenment has decided no regulatory alignment extends to matters of health and wellbeing too, spouting the words 'herd mentaility' at every opportunity. This is an approach that has ...

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