Paris and London: A tale of two cycling cities

Maria David 11 Feb 2020 Both are improving their cycle infrastructure, and both mayors are up for re-election this spring and have ambitious plans When leaving the Eurostar terminal at Paris’s Gare du Nord station, a road immediately outside the station leads Boulevard de Sébastopol which has a bike path heading down to the River Seine. To get across the city by bicycle one of the preferred routes is the Voie Georges Pompidou, a traffic-free path along the River Seine. This East-West trunk road, now closed to traffic since 2016, is part of Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s plan to make Paris a cycle-friendly city. Hidalgo, who is running for re-election to Paris City Hall in March has declared a war on cars and sought to cut air pollution from its current unacceptable levels, notably by holding regular car-free days. During the summer months particulate levels can be the highest in Europe. ...

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