Orange and black: The story behind KTM Bike Industries

Sponsored 8 Mar 2018 Looking at the history and the present of KTM Bike Industries. In association with FLi Distribution KTM has a long history in the bike industry, its earliest creations having emerged from its Austrian factory as far back as 1964. Today KTM produces a huge range of bikes, as you would expect from a major bike manufacturer. It also backs a range of riders and teams across Europe, including a UCI ProContinental outfit, and is title sponsor of the British Cycling-registered Team KTM UK. Despite its impressive heritage, however, KTM is probably better known in the UK for its motorcycles, which are produced by a completely separate company. However, awareness of KTM’s bicycles has increased massively in recent years thanks to their growing popularity with amateurs and high placed finishes at pro races like last year’s Tour de Yorkshire, where four Delko-Marseille Provence KTM riders finished in ...

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