Oppy, by Daniel Oakman

Hubert Opperman, Paris-Brest-Paris, 1931

A biography of Hubert Opperman Title: Oppy – The Life of Sir Hubert Opperman Author: Daniel Oakman Publisher: Melbourne Books Year: 2018 Pages: 375 Order: Melbourne Books (Kindle edition also available on Amazon) What it is: A biography of Hubert Opperman Strengths: Oakman covers the cycling and political careers of Opperman and shows there was a lot more to him than one Tour de France Weaknesses: Sporting and political biographies tend to focus on events, not people Paris-Brest-Paris was one of the first major road races to be created, in 1891, a twelve hundred kilometre riposte to Bordeaux-Paris that, in its first edition, managed to attract more than two hundred riders. It helped to create one of cycling’s first true stars, Charles Terront. It was, though, a race too big for many and it didn’t feature on the following year’s racing calendar. In fact, it didn’t feature on the racing ...

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