One-Piece Carbon Tubeless Wheels: Mavic's New 1,310g Cosmic Ultimate Ust

One-piece carbon tubeless wheels: Mavic's new 1,310g Cosmic Ultimate UST

Road tubeless is no longer rare, but all-carbon wheels with the hubs, spokes and rims bonded together sure are. (Think über-light and über-expensive Lightweight.) And full-carbon wheels that are tubeless? As of now, Mavic owns that unicorn of a category with the new Cosmic Ultimate UST wheels, which weigh a claimed 1,310g with 40mm rims. Late to road tubeless party, but easier and safer, Mavic claims Last year, Mavic jumped into the road tubeless game with UST wheels and Hutchinson-made tires sold as a system. Being able to control both the rim and tire dimensions allowed the French company to move into a category it was apprehensive about because of the varying standards among wheel builders and tire manufactures. Mavic claimed its Yksion Pro UST 25 and 28mm tires with its road UST wheels made for a safer, easier system than others available, a concept that generated plenty of discussion ...

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