OK, Fine: Your Weekend FSA DS Humblebrag Open Post

Who ya got? It’s a big weekend for cycling, with two signature events getting going or running in their entirety, plus a host of smaller races one might care about. Like, say, if they invested an unhealthy amount of emotion into creating what they still think (for now) is the best FSA Directeur Sportif squad in fantasy cycling history. Rather than telling you who is going to win the Strade Bianche (rhymes with Money Mobrelli), I will simply put this post here so you can tell us who you think/pray will win. But first, some information! The Most Important Link I Will Ever Give You Is here . This is the Where Is My FSA DS Team site run by... remind me? One of our esteemed community members. It is up and running, so that when you type in your team name, it will tell you which of your riders ...

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