Offseason Capsule: Katusha-Alpecin

By the way, it’s also important to fight for strong results How do you say dumpster fire in Russian? That was Katusha’s season. Their premier offseason signing, Marcel Kittel, performed as well as caffeine would work on revitalizing Valverde’s sparse dome. Sometimes hitting rock bottom can lead to inspiration. For Katusha, it has led to signing Dani Navarro. What we said last year Err…. Andrew was “quietly optimistic” about their chances and thought they would easily match their 2017 win total. Also, there was some enthusiasm expressed for Nathan Haas. To be fair to Andrew, though, he did recognize the fragility of all of Katusha’s eggs in Kittel’s basket: Marcel Kittel is the little girl with the curl in his hair. When he’s good, he’s very very good, but when he’s bad he’s awful. A good year is double-digit wins with three or four Tour stages, and that’s in play, ...

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