No, Not Tirreno. You Know, the Other One

I’m going to start this with a confession. When I made the decision of which race I’d write about over the coming week, I was fairly ignorant about who was riding where. I picked Paris-Nice over Tirreno-Adriatico because, as I assumed parity of startlists, I prefer the idea of the French race. The “Race to the Sun” idea it has going on, in addition to the close finishes in recent years, has endeared it to me, perhaps more than its Italian counterpart. It was with a heavy heart then, that I read the startlist and sighed “Oh Christ, this is bloody weak.” And weak it is. It was Alberto Contador who forced those close finishes, don’t forget, and he’s as likely to do that again as Seán Kelly is. And so, this year Paris-Nice gets the B-listers. Sergio Henao won last year, taking the official title of King B-lister, but ...

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