New Roads Should Prioritise People On Bikes And On Foot Over Cars, Says Uk Health Watchdog

New roads should prioritise people on bikes and on foot over cars, says UK health watchdog

Joe Robinson 4 Jan 2019 Cyclists, pedestrians and public transport should be priority in building and refurbishment of roads The UK's health watchdog has said that cyclists, alongside pedestrians and public transport, should be considered the priority over cars when roads are built or upgraded. In a new set of guidelines issued by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), it has stated that what's needed is for 'local authorities [to] develop and maintain connected travel routes that prioritise pedestrians, cyclists and people who use public transport.' It then continued by saying, 'improved travel route design that is maintained to a high standard will provide the greatest opportunity for people to move more in their day-to-day lives.' NICE produced this specific guideline as a result of rising obesity levels in the UK as well as evidence to suggest that active travel can reduce and prevent diseases and chronic ...

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