Motorbikes Make Bicycles Look Terribly Overpriced

Motorbikes make bicycles look terribly overpriced

I’ve been lucky enough to use some outstanding kit and ride some wonderful bikes in the last 12 months. Here’s what stood out in 2018, a year in which I declared my love of direct-mount rim brakes , moaned about bike design , and set pulses racing with a little help from saucy Sagan . How drivers’ brains will try to kill you The top 5 aero road bikes Why direct-mount brakes are awesome Best bikes and gear 2018 Specialized Tarmac Pro Something about this thing got under my skin. It’s incredibly lovely to look at and an utter delight to ride. I don’t naturally cleave to carbon clinchers and electronic groupsets, but it’s hard to argue with the Tarmac’s spec. For 2019 there’s no rim brake Tarmac Pro, but the £4,500 Expert with mechanical Ultegra looks to be its spiritual successor, and it's rather lovely too. £5,400 Buy the ...

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