Lightweight Gear — Hot Or Not?

Lightweight gear — hot or not?

I’ll not deny that the easiest way to market a bike, or any cycling component is to claim how little it weighs. I’ll also admit I readily fall into the trap of seeing how a new component measures up on the scales. However, that attitude belies good and sound engineering design. I’m here to argue that weight is maybe one of the last things we should consider when making sensible choices about our bikes. Action cams — hot or not? Top 5 examples of ultralight bike tech Sure building a 2.7kg road bike is mighty impressive but, realistically how much use is that going to be on anything but the most perfect roads? Would you want to hit an unexpected pothole blasting downhill at top speed? Other than for esoteric builds that try to prove a point, lightweight just starts to get a bit ridiculous. Even Joe’s various hill-climb builds ...

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