Katusha Sport Icon bibshorts review

Joe Robinson Thursday, November 15, 2018 - 17:11 These 'premium' shorts don't come cheap but do just enough to justify their price tag 4.0 / 5 €200 The name Katusha has been associated for almost a decade now – it was on 22nd December 2008 that the project of Team Katusha, funded by a conglomerate of Russian businesses, was officially announced. For a long time, the Katusha pro team was a team of mysteries. A collection of steely Russians headed by very non-Russian pair Joaquim Rodriquez and then Alexander Kristoff pulled in a solid stream of results but was never really taken to heart by most cycling fans. That was until 2017, when the team moved its registeration from Russia to Switzerland, signed a raft of English-speaking talent including Alex Dowsett and Nathan Haas, and launched its cycling clothing range, Katusha Sport, all in an effort to change the team's ...

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