Johan Bruyneel Ordered To Pay $1.2m To Us Government

Johan Bruyneel ordered to pay $1.2m to US government

Joe Robinson 24 Aug 2018 Court order to Armstrong team manger could draw line over US postal service saga In what could be one of the final legal acts of the Lance Armstrong saga, former team manager Johan Bruyneel has been ordered to pay US$1.2 million in sponsorship money back to the US government. This follows the $6.65 million Armstrong settled on with the US government and former teammate turned whistleblower, Floyd Landis, as a result of the five-year case led by the US Justice Department's False Claims Act. Landis argued that taxpayers were cheated as their money was used to fund the US Postal team between 1999 and 2004, which operated one of the sport's largest and most systematic doping programmes in order to win six of seven consecutive Tour de France titles for Armstrong between through to 2004. Armstrong was eventually stripped of these seven titles in 2012 ...

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