Jetwet's Portable Pressure Washer Could Finally End Your Muddy Misery

JetWet's portable pressure washer could finally end your muddy misery

No one likes bringing mud home after a ride, but sometimes there isn’t a hose handy and it’s a necessary evil. Portable pressure washers offer one possible solution, and the JetWet Sport Power Washer is the latest of these to show up at BikeRadar HQ. Karcher OC3 portable pressure washer review Everything you ever wanted to know about cleaning your bike chain JetWet Sport Power Washer specs Measures 32.8cmx26.2cmx32.3cm 9-litre removable water bladder Internal rechargeable lead acid battery Up to 30 minutes claimed runtime between charges Claimed 4.5 minutes to empty reservoir 36–87psi working pressure 12V car power cable Nozzle adjustable for spray pattern Wash it all about anyway? The JetWet is a fully self-contained washer that houses a 9-litre water bladder, a pump and battery. An adjustable nozzle attaches to a flexible, fabric-encased tube which is stored in a pouch on the front of the unit. (Note that these ...

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