Jenny Graham Q&A: Alone Around The Globe In 110 Days

Jenny Graham Q&A: Alone around the globe in 110 days

Joseph Delves 12 Jun 2018 Ahead of her mammoth ride we chatted to the Scottish cyclist about her motivation for taking on the world. Photo: James Robertson On 16th June 2018 Jenny Graham will leave Berlin and head East. If things go to plan she’ll arrive back 110 days later having become the fastest woman to circumnavigate the globe self-supported. To do so she’ll need to rack up over 18,000 miles across 15 countries. All while carrying all her own kit, organising her own re-supply, and maintain her own bike. Just days ahead of setting off we caught up with the Inverness-based cyclist to find out more about the adventure ahead. Cyclist : What’s the reason for setting off around the world? Jenny Graham : It’s curiosity as to what I can do with my mind and body. Over the last five years I’ve been building up miles. I just ...

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