I’Ve Got It! I’Ve Got The Solution To The Froome Mess!

Nobody seems to know what to do, except me For the last 24 hours or so the world of cycling has been thrashing around like a Brazilian striker who just got breathed on when the referee wasn’t looking, aimlessly lashing out at itself over what to do with Chris Froome. In case you haven’t noticed, Chris Froome is the guy who has won the Tour de France four times so far, but has been living under the shadow of an adverse finding that he had taken twice the amount of salbutamol during last year’s Vuelta a España. Since that finding became known, the cycling world has been divided over the question of whether he should be allowed to continue racing while his case is resolved, between those who think he shouldn’t be allowed to race during this interregnum, and those who think he should be put to death, in case ...

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