Is Lowering Your Gearing A Kind Of Failure?

Is lowering your gearing a kind of failure?

A quick poll of my road riding peer group (MAMILs, sadly) revealed a staggeringly uniform belief that, yes, fitting lower gearing for any reason is an admission you suck. Instead of swapping to a bigger cassette or smaller chainrings, what a 'real rider' should do is 'man up', be suddenly stronger and ignore the pain. Just like them! The top 5 upgrades you can actually afford Best women's road bikes of 2018: 9 of the best 6 simple tweaks to get the best bike fit There’s a part of me that recognises this for the overcompetitive, self-congratulatory nonsense it is, and that part of me is my brain. Yet there’s another part that thinks, “Don’t be so feeble, of course it would make you a failure. If you wimp out, get dropped off the back and brought down by a sabretooth tiger, don’t come crying to me.” I’m assuming this ...

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