In Praise Of Time-Trials

Trevor Ward 2 Jan 2019 The time-trial has a colourful past, but retains an everyman appeal for cyclists of every level Photography: Tapestry This article first appeared in Issue 79 of Cyclist magazine I had just started work as a reporter on the Bournemouth Evening Echo when I caught the attention of the local government correspondent. He spent every morning in a corner of the office hunched over his typewriter with his back to the rest of us, and every afternoon attending assorted obscure council committee meetings. He was significantly older than the rest of us and wore tweed jackets and industrial-strength bi-focal spectacles. Only his furled trouser bottoms and steel bicycle clips gave a clue to the maverick persona that lurked behind his conventional façade. One day he shuffled up to me and introduced himself in a low whisper. He said there was something happening in the New Forest ...

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