In Praise of Paul Sherwen

Voice of Cycling on two continents Various sources are announcing today that long-time cycling announcer Paul Sherwen has died at his home in Uganda. He was 62 and is survived by his wife Katherine and their children. Sherwen is known around here as a long-time voice of the sport of cycling in the US and Australia, being a regular commentator on the Tour de France especially, in a career that dates back to 1989 when he covered the Tour for British Channel 4. In the US he teamed with Phil Liggett, an even-longer-term voice of the sport whose career goes back to the 1970s, and since the 1990s the pair have commented on the Tour in the US. Sherwen and Liggett have not been spared their share of criticism in recent years — for their over-familiarity to fans and their connection as the voice of the Lance Armstrong era. But ...

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