If You're New To Mountain Biking, You Didn't Miss Much

If you're new to mountain biking, you didn't miss much

“How long have you been riding?” It’s a question that pops up frequently. For me, I’ve been riding seriously for more than 20 years. New riders often lament how they wish they had starter sooner. I can understand that sentiment, but the cold, hard fact is they didn’t miss out. How to set up for turns with a Scandi Flick This is why it's time to stop using Presta valves How to drift your mountain bike Mountain bikes have always been fun, but they were really quite crappy for a long time. It’s true that bikes are more complicated today, and it can be argued that new standards suck , but all it takes is one ride on an old bike to see how far we’ve come. Dear bike industry: really, a 'new' 20x110mm axle standard?!?! Mountain bikes have evolved so quickly recently that it’s barely the same sport as ...

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