‘I Had To Move Altitude To Keep Up’ Says Dowsett

‘I had to move altitude to keep up’ says Dowsett

Peter Stuart 5 Jul 2019 Alex Dowsett fancies his chances in a TT-heavy Tour de France, but realises the competition is strong Riding in his second ever Tour de France, this year’s three time trial stages could favour recently crowned British time trial champion Alex Dowsett, but he considers the standard higher than ever ‘I moved to altitude just to try to keep up with cycling,’ says Dowsett. ‘I got rolled by Rohan Dennis by 5 and a half minutes last year at the World Championships. It wasn't a great ride for me but it wasn’t that bad.’ ‘I’m not for a minute saying that I would have beat him last year, or even in current form,’ he says. ‘But I’m better than being 5 and a half minutes back.’ Dowsett has been focussing on his TT form recently, winning the British National Time Trial Championships little over a week ...

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