How To Send Big Jumps

How to send big jumps

Even if you’re a frequent flyer, there are a few things to consider when hitting the big stuff. Good technique, a properly set up bike and nerves of steel are all essential if you’re to make it safely to the landing. How to hit blind jumps like a pro How to jump trail obstacles confidently 1. Scope it out Size things up. Don’t even consider going for the jump unless you’re 99 percent confident you’ll land it. The more jumps you do, the better your gauge of speed will be. Look for cues on how fast to go — a set-up jump before the main jump can really help with this. Watch other people hit it and look at how their bikes and bodies react. Don’t be afraid to ask other riders for advice, and always do a few test run-ins before hitting it for real. 2. The take-off Read ...

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