How To Make Training Days Count

How to make training days count

UAE Team Emirates pro rider and 2012 Olympic track world champion, Ben Swift, tell us how he makes his training days count. The benefits of turbo training How to keep a training diary 1. Light start On endurance training days I’m up early to spend some time with my son while my other half gets a lie-in. Then I have a light, protein-focused breakfast like porridge for the drip-feed energy I’ll need. Depending where I am I’ll either be hitting the hills almost immediately — if I’m home on the Isle of Man — or else a 40-minute ride out to them if I’m in Sheffield. 2. Devote time to it The only structure I’ll have as such is to put some additional effort in on the back end of the ride. I’ll aim to be out for five or six hours for an endurance training ride doing a variety ...

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