How to maintain your bike in the snow

Riding in the snow

Joe Robinson 2 Mar 2018 Avoid letting grit and salt damage your bike with this top tips from Crankalicious It looks as if the 'Beast from the East' will have passed by the weekend, the temperatures will have risen, the snow melted and us cyclists will be back out riding our bikes. However, as we venture back into the great outdoors, we will find that the road surfaces are less than perfect, covered in grit, salt and all other kinds of grime which can be quite harmful to your bike. Not only can this find its way into your drivechain speeding up wear and grind down components such as your chain and jockey wheels, it can also cause rust on alloy frames and even build up on rim and disc brakes dramatically reducing your braking power. So to combat this damaging process, the team over at bike maintenance gurus Crankalicious ...

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