How To Bag Yourself A Strava Kom/Qom

How to bag yourself a Strava KOM/QOM

Chances are you’re not an elite athlete, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a Strava King or Queen of the Mountains crown on Strava. Simon Warren, author of the 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs series, has advice on getting ‘virtual’ gold in them there hills... What if Strava’s not the enemy… and Garmin is? Strava tips: 20 of the best 1. Know your limitations Identify your strengths, discover what your body’s best suited to and what it’s capable of. Even if you’ve only been riding a few months you’ll already have a pretty good idea about where you feel the most comfortable. Are you at home smashing the big ring on the flat, or twiddling the granny ring heading uphill? Can you sustain your power over a long distance, or are you best in an all-out sprint? The beauty of cycling is that there’s a discipline for all, from 200m ...

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