GUP introduces tire sealant/inflator can at Sea Otter

MONTEREY, Calif. (BRAIN) — GÜP Industries is launching a combination tire inflator and sealant can at the Sea Otter Classic this week. The KWIKI is being marketing as an all-in-one product designed to seal and inflate tires simultaneously. The 125 milliliter canister contains an eco-friendly foaming latex sealant capable of sealing up to a 4 millimeter tire puncture (up to 2 millimeters in tubes) in seconds. The company (whose name is pronounced like "goop") said the product will seal certain sidewall tears. GÜP KWIKI features a silicon "speed adapter" that eliminates the need to remove valve cores for maximum inflation, and is compatible with both schrader and presta valves. "No matter how far cycling technology has come, a flat can still make or break a ride or race," said Tomas Petricko, the new brand's founder. "Even if you have CO2, not everyone is running tubeless, and even if you are, ...

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