Gtech Ebike Sports Review

Gtech eBike Sports  review

Through advertising on television, Gtec has opened up the idea of e-bikes to the general public, many of whom may have not even considered buying a bike of any kind beforehand. But could a brand that’s best known for its vacuum cleaner turn out a bike that’s worth buying? We ordered one in to find out. Brompton Electric first ride review Elby electric bike review Put its TV stardom aside and you’ll find the Gtech’s USP is its absolute simplicity, after all, this is a bike that’s been designed to appeal to people who don’t know bikes. There’s a simple aluminium frame with plain white paint and no gears to confuse or complicate the ride. Plain old v-brakes put a stop to the Gtech, which can be safely worked on by even the most ham-fisted of mechanics. That’s important too, because most of these bikes will end up being assembled ...

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