Groupama-Fdj Continue Stunning National Jersey Tradition

Joe Robinson 4 Jan 2019 Madiot continues his fight for proper national champs jerseys and we're on board Let's all sit back and take a minute to be thankful for Marc Madiot. The greying, shouty, Paris-Roubaix winning Groupama-FDJ team manager who holds some pretty hard and fast rules when it comes to his merry band of national champions. Simply put, if you become a national champion then look like a national champion. This means that any rider donning the kit of Groupama-FDJ while also having the honour of being the champion of their country gets a proper jersey void of sponsorships or logos and instead just emblazoned with the flag of their country. For 2019, it's more of the same. Over the past week, both the men's Groupama-FDJ team and women's FDJ-Nouvelle Aquitain-Futuroscope revealed the jerseys of their respective national champions will wear through the beginning of the season, and ...

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