Gocycle To Pay Employees To Commute By Bike

Gocycle to pay employees to commute by bike

Joe Robinson 10 Apr 2019 Company will pay 40p per mile for e-bikes and 20p per mile for normal cycles E-bike maker Gocycle is putting its money where its mouth is and will become the first UK business to pay its employees to commute to work by e-bike. According to company founder Richard Thorpe, the scheme will see all Gocycle employees able to claim back 40p per mile for each commute when they choose to travel to Gocycle's Chessington headquarters by e-bike rather than by car. Those choosing to commute by normal powered cycles will also be rewarded to the tune of 20p per mile. Thorpe announced the scheme at the UK E-bike Summit this morning, with the former McLaren design engineer emphasising that action is needed to move more people towards more sustainable and healthy transport as cities approach congestion 'breaking point'. 'Our cities are at breaking point with ...

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