Give Us Your Rider and Race Day of the Year Nominees!

Random victory photo (feat. Ivan Ramiro)

This year should be a tight vote in all categories That time again... Use the comments below to nominate your rider and race days of the year! The categories are Men’s Rider of the Year Women’s Rider of the Year Men’s Race Day of the Year Women’s Race Day of the Year Some years it’s obvious where the awards are going ahead of time, or at least a couple of them, but this year I don’t see a dominant entry in any category. The guy who scored the most points, Alejandro Valverde, didn’t exactly run the table with iconic victories prior to his world championship. He even finished second in the Vuelta a Murcia, which is a bit like me finishing second to DS Little Bear in the Woodland Park cyclocross race. He also doesn’t enjoy a ton of popular support, so even though this isn’t a popularity contest (cough) ...

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