Giro Rest Day Winners And Losers

Is the Giro over? As the peloton spend a day on recovery rides, massages, and plenty of calories, we at the café think back over the first nine days of the Giro. This post gives a space to do just that, and provides a few winners and losers. Feel free to add your own, but there can be no doubt at all about where we start. Winner: Primoz Roglic I think the only way we could be any more impressed would be if the Slovenian had some kind of a back story. Maybe he used to compete in some other sport, or something like that. Is this a surprise? No, probably not. He’s certainly benefitted from the misfortunes of his primary opponents (more on that story later) and we knew he was coming in with superb form. Still, he’s riding like a champion, taking time in chunks when he needs ...

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