Giro Goes Green With Renew Collection

Giro goes green with Renew collection

No matter how you slice it, humans have a problem with waste, and a lot of that ends up in the ocean. Walk down a beach anywhere in the world and it’s a safe bet you’ll find garbage that has washed up onto the sand. Old coffee grounds, frog 'skin' and plastic bottles used to make cycling clothing Best road bike clothing With its new Renew line of cycling apparel, Giro is attempting to do its part to reduce waste by making clothes out of ‘ghost nets'. According to Mission Blue , a non-profit founded by oceanographer Dr Sylvia Earle, which advocates for marine conservation, ghost nets are lost, dumped or abandoned fishing gear that continues to catch marine life unsupervised and can do so for years. Giro also points out that the global apparel industry is estimated to produce 8 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. With these two ...

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