Get Your Nutrition Right With Our Guide To Pre-Ride, During And Post-Ride Fuelling

Get your nutrition right with our guide to pre-ride, during and post-ride fuelling

This is a sponsored article, brought to you in association with Liv Cycling. Part of the appeal of cycling is being able to explore your surroundings, find new territories and enjoy the experience of being out and about in the fresh air. If you plan to ride longer distances over 1–1½ hours in duration, then nutrition on the bike will become essential. Best women's road bikes of 2018: 9 of the best 7 essential road cycling skills Liv: dedicated to women's cycling Liv’s network of ambassadors all have their own relationship with nutrition. For some it’s their whole career, while others have learned their lessons and paid the price for not doing it correctly. With input from them, here are the top three reasons it’s crucial to pay attention to your nutrition and learn from their experiences and mistakes. Fuel your long rides Alice Thomas, keen triathlete, personal trainer and ...

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