Garmin Edge 520 Vs Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

Garmin Edge 520 vs Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

Updated 11 June 2018 after Garmin reduced its 520 pricing. The new Wahoo Elemnt Bolt GPS computer is similar in size, weight and feature set to the popular Garmin Edge 520, but there are a few significant differences in navigation, wireless connectivity and battery life. Also, Wahoo will tell you that the Bolt is much better aerodynamically with its integrated mount than the 520 with a stock Garmin mount. Here, we look at how the two compare in our Garmin Edge 520 vs Wahoo Elemnt Bolt shootout. Wahoo Elemnt Bolt review (4.5 stars) Garmin Edge 520 review link (4.5 stars) Best GPS computers for cycling Wahoo, perhaps best known for its Kickr smart trainers , jumped into the GPS computer market with the original Elemnt in late 2015. That large-size unit compared in size, if not exactly in function, to the Edge 1000 of GPS giant Garmin. The new Elemnt ...

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