Four Steps To Making Bike-Based Resolutions You'll Stick To

Four steps to making bike-based resolutions you'll stick to

With the new year comes new goals and resolutions backed by enthusiasm, energy, good intentions, and sometimes a few adult beverages. However, it turns out it's a lot harder to keep to these resolutions then we think, and many people aren't able to stick to them for the whole year. In an effort to help you keep your word, we asked performance psychologist Bill Beswick to suggest ways to ensure your resolution lasts. 10 cycling New Year's resolutions (and how to stick to them) Top 5 reasons road cyclists need to get adventurous 11 common diet mistakes to avoid while training 1. Commit it to paper Decide what your goal is and why you’re doing it, then write it down with a deadline for you to achieve it. Make sure you will regularly see your list of goals; create a diary reminder on your phone, for example, or stick it ...

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