First Look Review: Mavic Cosmic Ultimate Sl Shoes

Peter Stuart Friday, June 15, 2018 - 11:56 Mavic launches a new top-tier lightweight racing shoe, and finally opts into Boa dials £330 The Mavic Cosmic Ultimate SL shoe is the newest in Mavic’s tradition of ultralight climbing shoes, coming in at 199g for a size 42 (EU). The shoes showcase a host of other new features, most distinctive of which is the inclusion of a set of Boa dials. This is the first time Mavic has diverged from its own closure system, the Mavic Ergo Dial. Mavic argues that the decision has not been based on function, as Mavic considers its system as effective as Boa, but has based it on consumer demand for the Boa system on a spec sheet. Image 6 of 7 Image 6 of 7 New design The shoe has echoes of the infamous Mavic Comete shoe, that used a solid exterior shell, as the ...

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