First look: Poc Ventral helmet

Joe Robinson Friday, March 2, 2018 - 15:38 A new do-all helmet for all occasions from the Swedish helmet giants €299 We are picky bunch us cyclists. Firstly, we want the option of a helmet that is ultra-lightweight, heavily ventilated and comfortable to accompany us on nature's hottest days during the height of summer. Then we want a helmet that makes us faster. We want wind to pass it by with no trouble, and for it to feed extra watts into our legs. Now we are dark green with greed, demanding the powers that be to develop helmets that do both, lightweight but aero, fast but comfortable. Image 2 of 9 Image 2 of 9 Thankfully, the brains trust at Swedish helmet manufacturers Poc have been hard away at work releasing the latest do-all helmet, the Poc Ventral. Combining some of the aerodynamic capabilities of the Poc Octal aero and ...

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