Fdj To Apply For Women's Worldteam Status In 2020

FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope

FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Futuroscope announced Wednesday that they will officially apply to become part of the Women's WorldTeams in 2020. The France-based programme is the third team to submit an application to what will be women's cycling's top-tier after Ale Cipollini and WNT-Rotor announced a similar move earlier this year. "Since 2006, we aimed to professionalize women's cycling, in 2020 all of our workforce will be professional with a contract of employment against only 50% today. This is an important step that we will go through, which demonstrates the development of our structure," said team manager Stephen Delcourt in a post on Facebook. "It is a chance to have at our side FDJ which has allowed us for three years to pass a course while respecting our historical sponsors. They continue to support us in our progression each season. For the years to come we will build a team to shine on ...

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