Endura Drag2Zero Aero - the world's fastest outfit

Peter Stuart Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 12:39 Working with esteemed aerodynamicist Simon Smart, Endura has created an holistic approach to going fast Endura has unveiled the fruits of a long-running partnership with aerodynamics consultants Drag2Zero. A new skinsuit, road racing suit and aerodynamic helmet complete an outfit that the brand claims to be the fastest ever made. Simon Smart operates a wind-tunnel analysis service for cyclists and cycling brand out of the Mercedes F1 wind tunnel in Brackley. He has worked with most of the world’s best time triallists as well as the development of numerous top time trial frames and wheels, such as the Enve SES designs. As those who time trial, or take an interest in aerodynamics, may know – the most aerodynamic frames and wheels on the market pale in comparison to the potential gains to be made from clothing. Image 18 of 19 Image 18 ...

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