Endur8: The Digital Nutrition Coach For Endurance Athletes

endur8: the digital nutrition coach for endurance athletes

Staying well fuelled is key on any bike ride to maintain performance. endur8 wants to help you keep on top of your nutrition while riding by calculating and telling you what and when to eat. Nutrition tips for cyclists 12 of the best iPhone and Android apps for cyclists The app, currently only available on iOS, requires users to input a profile for it to calculate personalised, specific and tailored nutrition plans for specified routes. endur8 claims to use research-based recommendations to calculate intake requirements for its proprietary formula, though we are not aware precisely which studies this is based on. The app is intended to be used for both training and events. For the former, you will need to plan your route in advance to allow the app to calculate your nutritional needs. For the latter endur8 will have pre-programmed routes for all major races or will add them ...

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